Changes to income support payments 1.1.2017

Throughout 2016, your point of contact for social assistance will still be the social services office of your municipality. Basic social assistance will be paid by Kela starting 1 January 2017.

For more information:
Changes to income support 2017 (pdf) (42.6 KB)
Kela's Income support website

What is income support?

Income support is meant as temporary support for persons or families with financial difficulties.

Income support is calculated as the difference between expenses and income. This represents the minimum amount of support needed. The amount of income support is calculated on the applicant’s specific income, including any income received in the form of wages, pensions, sickness and unemployment allowances, child home care allowances, child allowances, housing allowances, savings and income from assets etc.

How to apply for income support

An application for income support must be made in writing. Application forms can be found in the column to the right and printed out. The forms are also available from the Social Services Office of Kauniainen. The application cannot be processed until all the necessary documents have been submitted. Processing takes seven working days. Applications which are not properly completed cannot be processed.

Any support granted on the basis of incorrect information may be reclaimed (Social Assistance Act (1412/1997), Section 20).

The decision on income support and the calculation on which it is based are sent to the applicant by post.

Changes to income support in 2017

Basic income support will be paid by Kela starting from 1 January 2017. For more information: Changes to income support 2017 (pdf) (42.6 KB)