Health Centre


Health care services in Kauniainen are provided by the Health Centre. The Health Centre includes, for example, doctors’, nurses’ and public health nurses’ receptions. The Health Centre is open on weekdays between 8.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m.

Kauniainen Health Centre
Villa Breda, Bredantie 16
02700 Kauniainen

tel 09 8789 1300 (Callback Service)
fax 09 5056 363

The city’s website has further information about the Kauniainen Health Centre in Finnish and Swedish.

Health services move back to Health Centre. Summer opening hours 2016

National emergency number: 112
Health counselling, tel: 09 87 10023

IMPORTANT! Health services will be provided in temporary facilities in Villa Breda until June 19. After that, the health services will move back to the Health Centre on Asematie in stages.

The oral health and dentistry unit will also move back to Asematie in stages.

THE MOVE TAKES PLACE ON JUNE 20–23, causing changes in services and opening times during the week

Appointments with doctors and nurses will be available to a limited extent at Villa Breda.

The Health Centre’s own emergency clinic operates according to its normal schedule at Villa Breda on June 20–21. Patients requiring emergency treatment during health centre opening hours on June 22–23 will be referred to health centres in Espoo. Please phone the Health Centre’s callback service, where a nurse will evaluate your needs and refer you to the appropriate health centre in Espoo.

The callback service will operate normally all week during its usual hours, 8 am–4 pm. The service provides guidance and counselling on where to seek treatment

Appointments with doctors and nurses

Monday–Friday 8 am–4 pm; to make an appointment phone 09 8789 1300 (callback service) between 8 am – 3 pm.

The callback service will be closed on June 14 between 11 am and 4 pm due to the move.

The public health nurse at the Health Centre will not be available on June 16 and 23.

Health Centre emergency clinic on weekdays 8 am to 4 pm

•    Only patients with urgent medical needs will be referred to the emergency clinic. A nurse will assess patients’ needs; patients can either phone 09 8789 1300 (callback system) or queue at the Health Centre.
•    Patients will be admitted for treatment in order of priority. Where there is no immediate life-threatening condition present, patients will be given an estimate of roughly the time when they may see a doctor.

Emergencies on weekdays 4 pm–8 am, on public holidays and during weekends: Jorvi Hospital Emergency Clinic,

tel: 09 4718 3300, Turuntie 150
– the Pediatric Emergency Clinic at Jorvi Hospital (for children under 16) has a separate entrance from Turuntie.
– Espoo Social and Crisis Emergency Services: 24/7, tel: 09 8164 2439.
Patients can also go to the following emergency clinics:
– Haartman Hospital or Malmi Hospital emergency rooms
– Peijas Hospital emergency clinic
– the Children’s Hospital Emergency Clinic (children under 16)

Health care

•    Maternity health clinic and contraception advice: Monday–Friday 12–1 pm, tel: 09 8789 1344. The clinic will be closed on July 25–29.
•    Child health clinic: Monday–Friday 12–1 pm, tel: 09 8789 1343, Monday–Thursday 12–1 pm, tel: 09 8789 1341, Wednesdays tel: 09 8789 1342. The clinic will be closed on July 25–29.
•    Family counsellor, tel: 09 5056 468. No appointments July 4–August 7.
•    Diabetes Specialist Nurse: no appointments June 20–August 14.
•    Cardiac Specialist Nurse: no appointments June 6–August 14.
•    The public health nurse at the Health Centre will not be available on June 16, June 23 and July 18–August 2.

The laboratory, tel: 09 4718 6800

•    Opening hours Monday–Friday 7.30 am–2.30 pm
•    While still in Villa Breda, laboratory services are available only by booking an appointment. After the laboratory returns to the Health Centre (Asematie), services will also be available through a queueing number system. 

Student health care

•    Closed June 3–August 14.
•    Public health nurse Ulla Mikkonen, tel: 050 4117 050, will be back as of August 15, 2016.

Home care

– Monday–Friday 12–1 pm (health care in the home), tel: 09 505 6462
– Monday–Friday 12–1 pm (home care counsellor) tel: 09 505 6461

Distribution of self-care supplies

Distribution of self-care supplies, tel: 09 5056 229, Monday–Thursday 12–1 pm, will be closed July 4–17

Special health services

•    Psychologist: Mon., Wedn. 11.00–11.30 am, tel: 09 5056 356. On holiday June 27–July 19, then available by phone Wednesdays 10–11 am. Normal hours resume after August 8: Mon., Wedn. 11.00–11.30 am.
•    Psychiatric nurse, tel: 050 411 8644 (on holiday July 18–August 14).
•    Speech therapist: Mon. 10.30–11.30 am and Thurs. 12–1 pm, tel: 09 5056 355

Family counselling

Appointments for family counselling: 9–12 am, tel: 09 5056 297 or 050 4115 178.
- family counsellor Mona Forsman: available by phone 12-1 pm (Tuesd. 10.30–11.30), tel: 050 4116 451.
- psychologist Daniela Seeskari: available by phone Fridays 11.00–11.30, tel: 050 411 9280
Family counselling will be closed July 11–August 5, 2016.

Senior citizens’ health clinic

Appointments: nurse Telma Nyholm, available by phone Thursdays 12-1 pm, tel: 09 5056 462.
Closed June 20–July 10, 2016 and July 18–24, 2016


There is no phone service on vaccinations for travellers July 18–August 2, and vaccinations are given on Fridays by appointment only. During the period July 18–August 2, vaccinations will be given only by appointment and assessment of care need to adults, and will be limited to vaccines included in the Finnish National Vaccination Programme (e.g. tetanus-diphtheria, polio, and MPR). Health Centre, tel: 09 8789 1300, 12–15. The phone service is also closed on June 16 and 23.

Physiotherapy and assistive devices service

•    Physiotherapy: to book an appointment, phone 09 5056 381, 12–1 pm, Monday–Friday. At other times you may leave a message. Advice and physiotherapy appointments for children: phone 050 4115 352, 9–10 am, Friday.
•    Physiotherapy training facility closed until further notice.
•    Assistive devices service: Monday–Friday 12–1 pm, tel: 050 4115 279.
Oral health and dentistry
•    Appointments 8 am –3 pm (emergency patients preferably 8.00–11.30 am), tel: 09 5056 379
•    Emergency appointments: Haartman Hospital, Monday–Friday 2–9 pm; Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays 8 am –9 pm, tel: 09 3104 9999


Health Centre hospital, Tammikumpu, tel: 09 5056 502
Villa Anemone, tel: 09 5056 582